Research, Playtesting,
and Professional Guidance​

Brixiples'® development began with research - see the References section for a list of resources.  I began thoughtfully formulating questions in each of the four categories based on my own experiences with my son, stories from other parents, and examples given by researchers in the field of ethical development and character education. With my husband's computer expertise, I saw my game design come to life on screen and then in hand when the first professional prototype arrived. The name saw many changes and even a Trademark rejection before Brixiples® was formed from the union of Bricks and Principles. This Trademark was approved! 

After much revision, and several rounds of the game at home, I brought Brixiples® to the head of my son's independent school here in Washington, DC. She was very enthusiastic and arranged a playtesting group with primary schoolers. To my relief, they LOVED it! They spontaneously jumped up and began role-playing scenarios! They openly shared difficult experiences regarding racial discrimination, bed-wetting, gossip, and more.  Their feedback was all positive and they chose to play for almost two hours! 
The game continued to evolve with more playtesters of mixed ages. I met with the diversity specialist and the clincial psychologist at my son's school, and an education specialist involved in an area charter school. Parents who watched their children play were wildly enthusiastic. They were extremely appreciative to see their children give thoughtful answers to some of these hard questions! 

Brixiples® Development

Dr. Jackie Dobranski 
Member of Character.org

Early playtesting with prototype

​But Brixiples® also had to have good play-ability. Once the questions were finalized, and finalized again and again, I began tweaking the rules and adding fun directions to the cards. Some cards ask players to role play, others for actions, which leads to laughter and engagement. There is a "cooperative" aspect with donation to a Food Bank and Animal Shelter, and a goal of donating all your bricks to build a Community Center. The first to donate all their bricks and earn enough hearts becomes the Wizard of Wise, yet the game continues until all players have done the same.  

​​​​​​Click on the video below to see my PowerPoint presentation at Lowell School in Washington, DC on May 17, 2017! 

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