Resources & References

A partial list of resources consulted during the development of Brixiples®

​   ​​​​​​​​​​​

Kidder, Rushworth: Good Kids, Tough Choices, How Parents Can Help Their Children Do the Right Thing. Jossey-Bass, San Francisco 2010.

Borba, Michele: UnSelfie. Touchstone, New York 2016.

Building Moral Intelligence, The Seven Essential Virtues that Teach Kids to do the Right Thing. Jossey-Bass, San Francisco 2001. 

De Becker, Gavin: Protecting the Gift, Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe (and Parents Sane). Dell Publishing, New York 1999. The School for Ethical Education “Ten Reasons Not to Cheat.” – comprehensive resource for all things safety-related  - The Syracuse Univeristy Disability Cultural Center


I wish to express deep appreciation to the following individuals for their enthusiasm, support, resources, guidance, and encouragement throughout the development of Brixiples​®. I wish to especially thank my husband, Tony Dobranski, for his endless computer help and encouragement! 

Anthony and Rowan Dobranski
›Debbie Gibbs, Head of School, Lowell School, Washington, DC
›Jason Novak, Director of Primary School, Lowell School
›Sarah Sumwalt, Director of Social and Emotional Learning, Langley School
›Michelle Belton, Director of Diversity, Lowell School
›Jolana Roberts, School Counselor, Lowell School
›Malikkah Rollins, School Counselor (grades 3-8), Lowell School
›Robyn Bash
›Stephanie Hellerman and family
›Liz and Kellyn Yee
Dani, David, Lola and Diego Zein
Jessica Stewart, Long Story Short Media
›Eleanor Lewis
Cindy and Frank Sommer
›All the thoughtful and enthusiastic kids who participated in playtesting!!

I wish to thank the following people for backing the Brixiples® Kickstarter Campaign!
Your support allowed me to turn this vision into a reality!
Ethical Enlightenment Level:
Robyn Bash
Holly Clubok

Responsibility Level:
Janet Glass
L Carroll
Dani Rose
Joan & Tom Schaumberg
The Neppl Family
Mike Shea
Lisa Pendley
Jessica Stewart and David Cooper

Respect Level:
Valerie and Craig Dykstra
Alan Salisbury
Dr. Cole Taylor
Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County
Kate Yonkers
Carrie Willimann
James Noble
Jill Morningstar
Victoria Stack
Lisa DeMars
Liz and Kavan Yee
Alan Katz
Harry Bainbridge
Dr. Rebecca Verna

Compassion Level:
Christina Giallourakis
Kasia Murdoch
Grant P. Thompson
Cathy MacNeil-Hollinger
Wendy McGrath, PhD

Honesty Level:
Kert Blodgett
Liz Steinglass
Roland E.
Callen Family
Kevin Campion
Dzenita M. Saracevic
Karl & Ana
Cindy McAlister
Brenda Leerar
Windsor Veterinary Clinic
Karin Krueger
Dr. Judy Bardsley
Jackie Simms, President – Ethical Humanist Society of Asheville
Karen Lefkowitz & Allen Neyman
Dr. Roya Pilcher
Harry Darlington IV, Africa ASAP
Lauren Nguyen
Nicole Dillard
Adrian Bryant
Debbie Gibbs
Kelley Gallivan

Fairness Level:
Danielle Glosser*
Andrea Klores
Amie Otto
Elizabeth Sharp
Pamela Christina
Anita and Mike Doll
Virginia Adams Marentette
Roger A. Wagman
The Rensings
Kimi Wetterauer
Pam Silverstein
Pamela Bucklinger
Carolyn Fisher
Jenny Goodspeed
Bookman Craig Seasholes
Susan Horger Lyle
Michelle Wright
Rosanne Riggs
Cedrone Family
C. Rosplock
Kelley Aliffi
Patricia A. Zinna
Pete Miller
J.E. Lampard
Naomi Schoenbaum
Stacie Neroni
Anne Larson
Jean Whiddon
Reena Shah
Pattie Arduini
Dave Compton
Erica Johnson
Kymber Menkiti
Judyth Andresino
Dawn Whitlow
Midge and Little Man
Julie York
Kelley D
Sherri Anne Green
Beth Feder
Tanya Palacio

Stick the Brix:
Selma Neubauer
Dr. Andrew Black
Tom and Jen Lewis
Quill Nebeker

Back the Brix:
The Evans Family
The Dechter Family

No reward level:
Dr. Jackie Arns Rossi
Cindy & Frank Sommer
Sylvia Orellana
Ed Schulman
Maxwell Rabin
Sarah Farr
Kim McDaniel

*First backer!